Notes from August 5:

– open up individual b- school events to SBSA from the beginning, not towards the end with only a few seats left for example.  That doesn’t come across as very inclusive and sends the wrong message.

– there will be two SBSA marquee events per year.

– need to start planning January marquee event (breakfast).

– other marquee event to be held at Holland America (Stan & Woody organizing).

– payments for b-school events to go through individual schools.

– payments for SBSA marquee events tbd.

– Dan Kao & Riyaz H. to update SBSA website / explore social media strategy.  Also – can you please check if there’s a way to post these notes on our updated SBSA site?

– we should consider marketing events such as New Tech Seattle to SBSA.

– next meeting owner: Boris.  Notetaker: Rajesh.